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  • Which is better SS 304 or 316?


    Which is better SS 304 or 316? Did you know that 304 and 316 are the most popular and widely used types of stainless steel? For instance, if welding is your chief concern for your stainless steel plat...

  • Which stainless steel sheet is the most practical one?


    One of the most popular materials for sheets is stainless steel, as this material possesses a high resistance to corrosion, scaling, and extreme temperatures as well as having high tensile strength. W...

  • How to use stainless steel sheet correctly in different scenarios?


    When the stainless steel sheet is welded by manual argon arc welding, the base material melts, the temperature rises quickly, and the excess heat cannot be quickly diffused. It will gather around the ...

  • How to maintain stainless steel corrosion


    The metal surface exposed in the corrosive environment undergoes electrochemical or chemical reaction, and is evenly corroded. In the passive film on the stainless steel surface, the weak corrosion ...

  • What are the materials for stainless steel


    Because of the different uses of each product, the processing technology and the quality requirements of the raw materials are also different. Generally speaking, different stainless steel products ...